Sky News

SKY NEWS is Australia’s undisputed leader in 24 hour television news.

When breaking news happens, Australians know to turn to SKY NEWS for non stop coverage of the events that shape the nation and the world.

Featuring news on the hour – every hour and headlines every 15 minutes, SKY NEWS has changed the way people get their tv news.

Sky News award winning range of journalists and presenters deliver programmes and bulletins across the news spectrum from current affairs and politics to news, sport and weather.

In 2013 Sky News has an updated line-up to deliver all the latest breaking news, discussions and analysis in the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election. Monday to Friday includes stripped political programmes at 8pm every night, leading into Paul Murray Live, an interesting and active mixture of debate and discussion including live Tweets for audience interaction; James Bracey hosts SportsNight at 10pm each night, delivering the latest in sporting news and featuring interviews from people in the know in their sporting fields including CEOs, coaches and players.

Sky News is also available on Multiview giving viewers access to additional news channels at the click of the Red Button.

As well as being active across Facebook and Twitter, Sky News is a multiplatform channel, available on -


  • On-Air
  • Online
  • Foxtel Go
  • Telstra Mobile
  • T-Box



Profile Statistics

  • Sky News reaches over 844,000 different people on average each week
  • 52% of Sky News viewers are people 35-64
  • 56% of viewers are male
  • 69% of Sky News viewers are the main grocery buyer in their home
  • SKY News viewers are 44% more likely to spend $200+ pw on entertainment than the general population
  • SKY News viewers are 39% likely to spend on average $200 or more on shopping pw than the general population

Source: Oztam National Panel, 1/05/2015 - 31/07/2015, S-s, 0200-0200, ALL MCN Channels, Total People, Cume reach, Consolidated; Multiview 100k Anonymous IP Homes, Quantium, 21/06/2015-15/08/2015, Live & Int +7 day; Nielsen CMV Survey 3 2015, P 14+


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