SoHo is Foxtel's newest drama destination and the home of evocative, original and gripping television. From original seasons of definitive series to ground-breaking premieres, SoHo delivers stories worth talking about. 


Profile Statistics

  • SoHo reaches close to 1.4 million people on average each week
  • 53% of SoHo viewers are people 25-54
  • 55% are female
  • 68% of SoHo viewers are the main grocery buyer in their home
  • 25% of SoHo viewers are are quick to try new technology
  • SoHo viewers are 17% more likely to have a household income of $140,000+, than the general population
  • SoHo viewers are 5% more likely to be a OG1 and 9% more likely to be a OG2, compared to total STV
Source: Nielsen CMV Survey 10 2013, P 14+; Multiview National External, 9/02/14-22/03/14, Avg Weekly Reach, Profile, Live&Int+7 day Playback, 26 Mar 14; Multiview National External, 29/12/13-22/03/14, 0200-0200, S-S, Local, Total STV vs SoHo viewers L12W, Live&Int +7day Playback, 13/05/14


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