A&E champions genuine, passionate and authentic risk takers who continually push their boundaries providing thrill and anticipation. These real life series centre on the high stakes lives of these captivating people whose risks are high and their rewards even greater, guaranteeing that every show and every moment keeps you on the edge of your seat.

A&E delivers hundreds of hours of original and exclusive real action and real entertainment series to viewers in dynamic High Definition. The schedule for Australia's new A&E channel is comprised of original and exclusive programming from the US cable giant A+E Networks. It features Australian premiere first run seasons of the smash hit series franchises including Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Ice Road Truckers and Australian premiere exclusive series- Storage Wars and Shipping Wars


Profile Statistics

  • A&E reaches over 1.2 million people on average every week
  • 61% of A&E viewers are the main grocery buyer in their home
  • 62% of A&E viewers are people 25-54
  • 55% are male
  • A&E viewers are 55% more likely to spend $200+ pw inside a shopping centre than the general population
  • A&E viewers are 33% more likely to have a household income of $140,000+ than the general population
  • A&E viewers are 103% more likely to be OG1, and 103% more likely to be OG2, compared to total STV
Source: Nielsen CMV Survey 10 2013, P 14+; Source: Oztam National Panel, Reach, 0200-2559, Wk 49 2014-Wk 8 2015, Total People, Consolidated



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