A renewed Attention on Attention

Attention has always been the advertising game, and it’s back in the spotlight among agencies and leading researchers like Karen Nelson Field. Our industry has forsaken context for cost; buys what’s available over what’s viewable; buys what’s measurable over what’s impactful – but not all reach is created equal.

“Quality platforms, without a doubt, get more of it (attention)”
(Academic, Professor Karen Nelson-Field) 

“Straight and simple audience reach as a measurement currency is on the decline” (Journalist, Paul McIntyre Mi3) 

Approach: Proving our place on your plans

We commissioned independent research company, Nature, to explore how we stack up delivering engagement vs FTA:

  • Foxtel viewers are 27% more engaged than FTA
  • Our Ad Formats deliver 15% more engagement, when compared to FTA formats 
  • There’s 11% greater ad recall and brand message retention on Foxtel vs. FTA   
  • Foxtel subscribers spend, on average, 46% more on the top 20 categories  

Foxtel Audiences: 27% more engaged, 25% more engaging ad formats, 11% greater ad recall, 46% higher audience spend than non-STV audiences

This study was conducted using robust methodology of qualitative and quantitative methods, including facial recognition, biometric response testing, surveys and a sample size of over 3,000 people.

There was a three-phased approach to the study:

  1. Defining engagement
  1. Demonstrating audience engagement Foxtel vs FTA
  1. Assessing how ad formats impact advertising outcomes

We’ve always known engagement and attention was our thing – with this 3rd party research, you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

“Sustained attention drives memory”
(Professor Karen Nelson-Field)

To request the complete Nature Foxtel Engagement research report contact your Foxtel Media representative.