Case Study: Foxtel Media X Dominos

Driving perceptions and preference for Dominos with cheesy moments in Gogglebox Australia

Campaign timing: November 2021 


Deep in the throughs of a nationwide lockdown, Domino’s wanted to focus on time with family to promote their new cheesy crust range. How can Domino’s evoke themes of togetherness and family bonding and bring to life all the cheesy moments we all share at home?


Domino’s took on sponsorship of Gogglebox Australia, the show which has been offering genuinely funny cheesy moments since 2015, made it the perfect place to showcase Domino’s new cheesy crust range.


Domino’s iconic pizza boxes were authentically integrated directly into Gogglebox, supported with seamless use of IP in contextual playouts of “Chessy Moments” that brought to life the moments we all share with family and friends and connected Domino’s with key cheesy moments across the season. A clever mix of billboards and digital assets supported the campaign.


Domino’s successfully utilised a sponsorship of premium content to lift perceptions and preference, results also highlighted the strength of in-program integration in shifting positive brand associations.

  • +18%pts greater uplift in positive emotional associations among those that recall the integration
  • +39% increase in preference for Domino’s vs. +21% on FTA.

Source: Nature Dominos CE Study. 2021


“We loved the concept of integrating into Gogglebox. Domino’s is all about spending quality time with loved ones while partaking in enjoyable activities, and the families and friends on Gogglebox really embody this idea. 
“The integration also allows for a wide-ranging campaign that extends beyond the original broadcast of the show. We have those special, cheesy moments in the show itself that are then carried through social media, standalone TV commercials, and commercial playouts. It enables us to really extend the life of this brilliant campaign and reach a massive audience through Foxtel platforms.”

Teneille Rudd,
Domino’s Senior Brand Manager AU

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