Puppy Power (with half-time help from some kittens)!

Who needs the Super Bowl when it's the puppiest time of year! Puppy Bowl XX is almost ready for kick off on Animal Planet.

Puppy bowl celebrates 20 years of finding dogs in the USA their forever homes with the puppiest puppy bowl ever.

Puppy Bowl the call-to-adoption television event, returns for a 20th year on Saturday 17 February at 12.30pm AEDT on Animal Planet.

Featuring 131 puppies, 73 shelters and rescues across 36 US states and territories – including the all-time smallest pup, Sweetpea, at 1.7 lbs and the biggest, Levi the Great Dane at 72 lbs.

Inspiring adoption stories will highlight the dedication and incredible work of rescues and shelters, as puppies from Team Ruff and Team Fluff take to the gridiron in the Puppy Bowl XX stadium to win the trophy and find their forever homes.

For the first time ever, puppies are also taking over the show’s production operating the cameras and lighting, directing from the control room, stage managing on the studio floor and even coaching Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner returns for his 13th year and for the first time, will have a puppy assistant coach, Whistle, who helps him call the plays and fumbles.

Puppy Bowl XX begins with the annual pre-game show, going behind-the-scenes on the Puppy Bowl draft with exclusive interviews with coaches and players. Puppy Bowl fans will also learn more about each player’s breed mix and other unique traits from the Wisdom Panel™ pet DNA test that could help determine who will have a furry leg-up on the field.

And don’t miss the Kitty Halftime Show and keep a lookout for a puppy called Taylor S…. we don’t want to give everything away!

The five-hour event will commence with a special pre-show at 12.30pm before the main show at 1.30pm. There will also be a 20th Anniversary special following the main show.