Something for everyone in 2024 from BBC Studios!

BBC Studios has something for everyone in 2024! Marvel in the glory of nature this Earth Week. Experience drama like never before with BBC First’s ‘Truelove’ and ‘Alice & Jack’. Set sail with ‘Great Canal Journeys’ and get your dose of hilarity with ‘Would I Lie To You’ and more on UKTV.

Embrace the splendour of our living planet with BBC Earth’s enthralling Earth Week. With Sir David Attenborough’s wisdom and the adventures of Steve Backshall, join an enlightening journey that both honours and reveals the critical shifts within our world. Boasting a 14% surge in channel viewership and coming off the back of one of our most successful channel stunts, Attenborough Month 2024, BBC Earth is poised to deliver an unparalleled Earth Week this year. Be inspired, be curious, and become part of the conservation conversation that could reshape our impact on Earth.  

Building on the momentum of December’s all-time high 3.1% share, BBC First continues to deliver boundary-pushing dramas, ‘Alice & Jack’ and ‘Truelove’. Unravel the secrets of the heart in ‘Alice & Jack’, a masterful tapestry of love and enigma, that explores the seminal question of whether the bonds between us are stronger than the forces that would tear us apart. In the new series, ‘Truelove’, a pact beyond the grave sets the stage, and what begins as a heartfelt jest among friends attending a funeral, unfolds into a sobering ordeal.

UKTV’s Light Mystery Monday just got a whole lot brighter with the launch of ‘McDonald & Dodds’! Meet mismatched detective duo McDonald (Tala Gouveia) and Dodds (Jason Watkins) are presented with original and inventive crimes to solve in the city of Bath. Embark on a serene adventure every Travel Tuesday with ‘Great Canal Journeys’ as Timothy West and Prunella Sales traverse ancient waterways, unearth hidden gems, and share heart-warming tales. Laugh out loud every Comedy Wednesday on UKTV with the cheeky charms of ‘Would I Lie To You’. Our Thursday Royal Collection has been graced with a regal flourish as we delved into the opulent world where royalty meets canvas in ‘Royal Paintbox’.

Australia Source: OzTAM National Panel, 2am-2am, Total People, Consolidated 7. Slot average based on prev. 3 months.