Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery Channel is all about:

Real People

Real Cases

Real Drama

From shocking crimes and salacious scandals, to hard-hitting investigations, Investigation Discovery (ID) is the home of real-life mystery and suspense. We invite people to explore the good side and the dark side of human nature and uncover the truth behind incredible real stories. Because the truth is more compelling than fiction!

ID offers the thrill of learning the truth behind real-life cases. Delivering a deeper understanding of the human psyche and behavior and the gratification of solving the mystery and seeing justice done. ID allows viewers to experience a full spectrum of emotions, in a very stylish, inquisitive & seductive package.

American viewers love ID, it is the #1 US True Crime network and it now has a new home in Australia on Foxtel on Channel 616.

Key shows include:

  • In Pursuit with John Walsh
  • Extreme Measures
  • Deadline: Crime with Tameron Hall
  • Breaking Homicide
  • Madeleine McMcCann – An ID Murder Mystery
  • Serial Killer – Devil Unchained
  • The Lake Erie Murders
  • Family Man, Family Murder – An ID Murder Mystery
  • Someone You Thought Ypu Knew
  • American Monster
  • Twisted Sisters
  • I’d Kill For You
  • Obsession Dark Desires
  • Forbidden: Dying For Love
  • Til Death Do Us Part
  • Bride Killa
  • Grave Mysteries